Need to Remove Your Solar Panel System for Roof Repairs?

Learn about our solar panel system replacement services in San Antonio, TX

If you have a solar panel system, resolving roofing issues might get complicated for some roofers in the area, but not for the experts at Central Texas Solar & Lighting. Most of the time, local roofing contractors need to call solar panel experts to handle the sensitive equipment. Our solar panel removal team in San Antonio, TX is well-equipped to assist with projects of all types. Whether you have a minor hole in your roof or need to replace your whole roof, you can rest assured our solar pros will protect and reinstall your investment correctly - in fact, we'll reinstall your solar panels better than the original company.

Did a storm damage your solar panel system? Call us at (210)635.0007 now for details about our solar panel replacement services.

Details about our solar panel system removal services

Details about our solar panel system removal services

When you choose Central Texas Solar & Lighting in San Antonio, TX for solar panel system replacement, you can rest assured your roof is in the hands of an expert contractor. Our solar panel system removal team can work on commercial and residential roofs of all types and sizes.

During your project, our crew will:

  • Use specialized tools to detach your solar panel system safely
  • Work with a trusted roofer to repair or replace your damaged roof
  • Reattach your solar panel system and restore them to working condition
Want more information about our solar panel replacement services? Contact Central Texas Solar & Lighting today. Be sure to ask for your custom solar panel system removal quote, too.