Mission Solar Panels

Mission Solar Energy is a local San Antonio solar panel manufacturer!

When you choose a Mission Solar panel to be installed on your roof you could qualify for more money in the form of a Solar Rebate from the local utility CPS if you are within the service area. Not to mention these panels are some of the best in the industry and able to withstand any type of weather.

Please see the video below to see just how tough solar panels are!

Rebate Information!

CPS Energy has allocated an additional $15 million in funding for solar rebates starting December 3, 2018

The rebate incentive will be paid as follows:

Residential Projects
$2,500 per projects
$500 premium for projects utilizing local modules

Commercial Projects (updated 6/21/19)
$0.60 per AC Watt for the first 25kW, $0.40 per AC Watt for kW over 25.
$0.10 per AC Watt premium for projects utilizing local modules

General incentive applies to qualifying commercial and residential projects. All rebates are capped 50% of the project cost. The rebate for non-local installers is reduced to 75% of the local installer rebate amounts listed above. CPS Energy guidelines and rebate levels are subject to change without notice, and CPS Energy reserves the right to refuse any application/request for incentive payment that does not meet CPS Energy requirements.