On site survey

An assessor will come to your home and complete an onsite audit. If you are needed in the home you will be notified as they may need to be able to access your roof and your electric meter. This is to collect the correct information to design your system.

Next Steps:

Once your personalized plan is complete we’ll apply for permitting to get your system built. We will take care of this part from start to finish and our team will handle everything.

System Install:

Now that your plan has been approved it’s time to get ready for install! You will be notified if you have to be home during install. Our installers will need access to your roof, our installs take about one to two days.

System Inspection

Inspectors will stop by at a time set by you to see if everything is up to code for the homeowner after system completion. Your local municipality is contacted and  in certain cases a representative will be present during the time of inspection.  Any change requested by the inspector will be acted upon immediately and another inspection will be scheduled. You will be notified if it is needed for you to be home at the time of inspection so the inspector can properly inspect your system.

What a feat! PTO:

Within a few weeks you will receive your PTO (Permission to operate) from your local utility company and timelines may vary based on your provider. Once PTO is received your system will be switched on meaning you will officially be generating your own renewable energy from the sun. What an accomplishment!

After PTO:

In the next couple of days you will receive emails, these will include a software to monitor your systems performance. You will be able to see how much power your system is producing along with other data you collect.