There are several available federal and local incentives that assist with the cost of switching to solar energy.
Many homeowners qualify for a Solar Investment Tax Credit while utility companies also offer Renewable Energy rebate programs.
Solar panel companies like Central Texas Solar can help!

What is a tax credit?

Local Rebates

Local programs offer financial incentives that help offset the initial cost of installing a
solar energy system. By installing solar on your home or business, you can generate a
portion of your own electricity & help the environment.

CPS Energy

CPS Energy

CPS Energy has a Solar Rebate Program in place for homeowners in the service area. As a registered contractor Central Texas Solar will submit all the necessary documentation to apply for the program and ensure a smooth process.

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CPS Current Rebate Status
AEP Texas Energy

AEP Texas Energy

 The AEP SMART Source Solar PV Program is designed to help customers of AEP Texas meet a portion of their energy needs with solar electric systems.
The residential rebate value is $0.50 per watt, up to a $5,000 limit. The commercial rebate is $0.50 per watt up to 25 kW and $0.25 per watt for any capacity exceeding 25 kW.

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AEP Current Rebate Status
New Braunfels Utility

New Braunfels Utility

New Braunfels Utility offers energy efficiency, water conservation, and solar rebates. NBU pays the solar rebate of up to $3,000 as a bill credit after system inspection.

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