Our Mission

Central Texas Solar focuses on solar panels in San Antonio & is committed to educating the community on the benefits of renewable energy for your pocket & our planet. We strive for the ultimate customer experience by utilizing best-in-class technology, affordable payment options, customized designs, and superior service.

Our Mission
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Residential Services

PV installation

PV installation

Off-Grid Ground Mount Systems

Roof Mounted Systems:

  • Shingle

  • Metal

  • Tile

  • Flat Roof Ballast System

Detach & Reset Solar PV System

Detach & Reset Solar PV Systems

Our licensed solar panels San Antonio electricians will safely disconnect, remove, and reattach your solar system.

Central Texas Solar will partner with your Roofing or Insurance company to coordinate the removal.

Energy Efficiency:
Lighting, Windows, Insulation

Free Custom Quote

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Products & Warranty

Switching to solar is not only a commitment to cleaner energy, but also an investment for the future.
Central Texas Solar has a workmanship warranty for 25 years with options to extend.

Our CenTex team will design and install a solar PV system comprised of only the best top-quality products in the industry to ensure max energy production that includes a warranty covering everything under the sun!

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